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Our instruments "For Kids" are designed for parents who wish to help their young children develop hand/eye coordination while exploring music. These instruments are much more than mere toys. They are actual musical instruments which can help young children develop a lifelong appreciation of and a love for music.

The gift of music will help your child develop in a myriad of ways that are all good; their entire life will be better for it. And it is never too young to start. In fact the younger you start your child\s exploration of music, the greater will be the lifelong benefits. Improved cognitive skills, greater mathematical ability, and ease of expression are just some of the positive effects music participation can have on young, developing minds. Your child will thank you for your efforts to give them such a head start in life.

You don\t need any special musical training or elaborate music instruction plan. You don\t need perfect pitch or an understanding of music theory. Just give your child an instrument and let them explore. Help them make beautiful noise and together you will both step in to a much larger world. A world filled with wonder and awe that only music can convey.  

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1stNote 12 Piece Rhythm Set

1stNote 12 Piece Rhythm Set

A unique collection of musical rhythm instruments. Set includes 12 easy-to-play pieces. Includes FRE..

$23.99 $29.99


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